Jeremy Pivnick Lighting Design


The Marvelous Wonderettes

"Jeremy Pivnick lights it with candied expertise"--LA Times


"Michael Carnahan's gymatorium-like set design is a nice blend of authenticity and kitsch, which is enhanced by Jeremy Pivnick's appropriately cheerful lighting"


"Lighting designer extraordinaire Jeremy Pivnick has been with the Wonderettes ever since the El Portal, and his multihued design varies vividly from song to song."--StageSceneLA


Doubt- Pasadena Playhouse

"Everything from set designer Gary L. Wissman’s withered rectory garden to Jeremy Pivnick’s moody lighting and Steven Cahill’s whispery sound effects brings the viewer to the edge of dread."--LA Weekly


Mary's Wedding-- Colony Theatre
"Besides the actors, the real stars of the show are the sound and lighting designers, Cricket Myers and Jeremy Pivnick. Under David Rose’s capable direction, the interplay of words, sounds (such as thunder and gunfire) and lighting effects (such as lightning) are choreographed to perfection, creating a surprisingly realistic battlefield, storm, tea party or whatever setting they choose."--Burbank Leader


"[Jeremy] Pivnick's lighting once again demonstrates the designer’s brilliant mastery of his craft. Rain falls in sheets, lightning illuminates the sky, as do streaks of red in the battle scenes"--StageSceneLA


Oedipus El Rey-- Theatre @ Boston Court

"Director Jon Lawrence Rivera works seamlessly with his team of designers to achieve a stark elegance: John H. Binkley’s striking set — a red stage sliced in two by a set of prison bars — pops under Jeremy Pivnick’s superb lighting" --Los Angeles Times,


"The production design — lighting (Jeremy Pivnick), scenic design (John H. Binkley) and sound and music composition (Robert Oriol) — is impeccable." - LA Weekly


"Jeremy Pivnick’s lighting design is dark and focused as it accentuates the play’s themes."


"The lighting design (by Jeremy Pivnick) was powerful and very effective to stage the various locations without having to change the setting"


Dorian The Musical-- Open at the Top Productions, NoHo Arts Center
"Craig Siebels’ impossibly intricate set and Jeremy Pivnick’s equally complex lighting plot make this event feel like a huge Broadway production trying to burst out of the confines of this small theater."--LA Weekly


Visiting Mr. Green-- Colony Theatre
"David Potts' scenic design has suitably neglected detail that dovetails with A. Jeffrey Schoenberg's realistic costumes, Jeremy Pivnick's concise lighting and Cricket S. Myers' expert sound."--LA Times


"... it is tastefully staged by some of the best stage designers currently plying their trades in Los Angeles: David Potts on scenery, A. Jeffrey Schoenberg for costumes, Jeremy Pivnick on lighting, and Cricket S. Myers on sound."


King Lear-- Electric Lodge
"And this play could not have been enjoyed to the ridiculous extent that it was without the attention to timing and detail of lighting designer Jeremy Pivnick and sound designer Joe Dzuban. Every change was flawless and perfect and smooth."--NOHO>


Corpus Christi-- Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh
That said, there are many reasons to see this play, from the slick direction of Nic Arnzen, the effective lighting of Jeremy Pivnick and the generally high standard of the acting.--Broadway Baby 


The Designated Mourner-- Son Of Semele Theatre Ensemble
"Accordingly, director Matthew McCray and his ace forces offer a judiciously kinetic reading. Set designer Sarah Krainin's surreally slanted décor creates a post-Murnau netherworld, lighted by Jeremy Pivnick with typical brilliance. Suzanne Scott's understated costumes, Ryan Poulson's ambient sound and Adam Flemming's ethereal videos add cohesive texture."--LA Times


Pope Joan-- Stella Adler Theatre
"Jeremy Pivnick, who adds to the drama with his impeccable lighting, is also a much-celebrated designer." --Santa Monica Daily Press


"High praise should be given to Jeremy Pivnick, whose work enlisted all the best elements that lighting design can endow to a production: mood, transition and environment. Well done."--Los Angeles Splash Magazine


Ouroborous-- Road Theatre Company
"Jeremy Pivnick's shadowy lighting is almost a character in itself!"


"Desma Murphy's multilevel Byzantine set, with its suggestions of arches and a nave ceiling, plays beautifully with Jeremy Pivnick's cinematic lighitng design." --LA Weekly


No Way to Treat A Lady-- Colony Theatre
"Sibyl Wickersheimer’s set design divides the Colony stage into a number of clearly distinguished yet cleverly overlapping locales. . . ably assisted by master lighting designer Jeremy Pivnick. Pivnick lights the late Alexandra from below to appropriately spooky effect, casts film-noirish shadows on the wall to heighten atmosphere and suspense, and lights the 'Front Page News' reprise with Vegas pizzazz."--StageSceneLA


"The only interesting part is the corner occupied by the killer, a room filled with costume changes and a stage mirror surrounded by lights. And the lighting design by Jeremy Pivnick, which dramatically highlights the action."--L.A. Beat


See What I Wanna See-- The Blank Theatre Company
"Jeremy Pivnick's lighting design can make a foreboding area of the park out of nothing but shadows on the wall"--Talkin Broadway


"Jeremy Pivnick provides his usual deft lighting design"


"Jeremy Pivnick has created a starkly dramatic lighting design, with film noir shadows and some great smoke-and-light effects." --StageSceneLA


A House With No Walls-- Robey Theatre Co. at The Los Angeles Theatre Center
"Helmer Ben Guillory moves the characters around Victoria Bellocq's Erector-set set with sureness, and Jeremy Pivnick brilliantly establishes a "magic square" of light -- in the dimensions and on the spot of the alleged slave quarters -- serving as a constant, touching reminder of the issues at stake.--Variety


Mother Courage and Her Children--Theatre @ Boston Court
"Supporting Kubzansky's compelling vision are Randall Tico's haunting original music, Susan Gratch's strikingly eerie scenic design, Jeremy Pivnick's beautifully textured lighting, Audrey Fisher's appropriately timeless costumes, and John Zalewski's magnificent sound effects."--Backstage West


A Wither's Tale-- Troubadour Theatre Co. At the Falcon Theatre
"The somber saga builds to Walker’s showstopping rendition of 'Ain’t No Sunshine,' enhanced by Jeremy Pivnick’s elegant lighting design."--LA Weekly


"A nod to Jeremy Pivnick’s breathtaking lighting design and Eric Heinly’s tight band."


"The show features atmospheric special effects (dry ice) as well as several stylish lighting effects, courtesy of designer Jeremy Pivnick."--Arts Beat LA


"Set designer Mike Jespersen and lighting designer Jeremy Pivnick join forces for the outstanding look of the production."--Backstage West


A Clockwork Orange-- Greenway Court Theatre
"James Eric's eerie set of multi-leveled platforms and stairs is appropriately lighted by Jeremy Pivnick to give a disturbing and dangerously moody ambiance."


Toys in the Attic-- Colony Theatre
"Excellent production elements include careful costume design by Alexa Stone. Some vintage costumes were borrowed from Warner Brothers. Jeremy Pivnick's mellow dappled lighting design catches the quality of a New Orleans summer and the aging house with its aging sisters."


Gilgamesh-- Theatre @ Boston Court
"The atmospheric lighting by Jeremy Pivnick, coupled with Melissa Ficociello's minimalist set, create a lush epic. --Pasadena Weekly


"This show, sourced from Stephen Mitchell's verse translation, certainly looks gorgeous. Melissa Ficociello's two-tiered rampart set glows as if the sun had warmed it for centuries, thanks to Jeremy Pivnick's lighting design."--LA Times


Burn This-- Odyssey Theatre
"The action feels right at home in Yael Pardess’ design for a tall-windowed loft space in lower Manhattan, while Jeremy Pivnick’s lighting infuses the sky beyond those windows with the pinkish-blue dawn of new hope." —LA Times


Ladies of the Camellias-- Colony Theatre
"Jeremy Pivnick’s lighting design is used to highlight the actresses’s key moments as surely as if they’d done it themselves"


Above the Line-- Bootleg Theatre
"Jeremy Pivnick's lighting is his usual brilliant best, translating those movie dissolves and jump-cuts into stage terms."--StageSceneLA


As White As O-- Road Theatre Company
"Desma Murphy's set, enhanced by Jeremy Pivnick's subtly shifting lighting, is wonderfully detailed and spatially enhances the thematic elements in the piece." --LA Weekly